DSquared2’s European Vacation – Spring/Summer 2012

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Dean and Dan Caten do Canada proud by always trying to design and produce a collection bigger and better than the one before it.  Sounds cliché I know, but mission accomplished this week as the twin brother duo put on an over-the-top spectacle of a fashion show in Milan (see video above, click here for part two).  The Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is a brilliantly designed revolving carousel of European looks – literally.  The American tourist and their travel itinerary inspired a collection that found their muse spending summer vacation in Europe.  Starting with a trek through the mountains and fjords of Scandinavia, possibly making some extra money on a fishing trawler before paying their way through the rest of their vacation through the sun-drenched beaches of Mykonos, those scenic romantic nights of Florence, and posh party streets of central London.

Aside from the first outfit with the Breton sweater (first photo below), the black fisherman’s sweater and cool new specs that looked vaguely familiar (first & second photo below), most of the Norwegian looks were lost on me.  Our spring and summer isn’t the warmest here in Canada, but unless you’re spending them in Nunavut, there certainly is no need for the work gloves, boots, and double socks.  I’m guessing that the same holds true for Scandinavia.  I generally didn’t like the Scandinavian looks which could have passed for a DSquared2 capsule collection for Old Navy.

“Did you say dance?”  Queue up the sirtaki from Zorba The Greek, a turn on the carousel to reveal some bottle-popping boys chilling on Super-Paradise to the summer 2010 smash hit by Nickos Ganos, Last Summer.  Campy Mykonos-inspired bikinis, trunks, and mesh tanks on freshly waxed bodies booted the fashion show into second gear.  The swimwear and accessories were impressive, especially the sunglasses, parrot-printed white swim trunks, and sandals.  Seriously though guys, time to retire the baseball/trucker caps.

Another turn of the carousel and the scene shifted to a romantic evening in Firenze.  Here we find some of the best pieces of the collection.  Suede moccasins, yellow pants, double-breasted white sports jackets, and dressy leather sandals – this collection was made for me.  As the stage transformed itself into a London loft, DSquared2 demonstrated a selection of incredible looks that picked up where their SS11 collection left off.  Amazing pieces for a day or night out on in any European town or anywhere really.  This collection proved that for a bunch of Canadians, we do a great job keeping up with the Italians in their own backyard no less.  Not bad eh?

Dsquared2 SS12


DSquared2 Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

The final day at Milan Fashion Week opened with another highly anticipated show by the devious Canadian design twins, Dean and Dan Caten.  Another live stream fashion show from Milan with pre-order accessibility – very nice!  The curtains opened revealing a wintry backdrop, transporting us to an isolated rocky forest in Northern Ontario or Pennsylvania.  The curtain opened to reveal snow covered boulders and barren trees, with shadowy lonely figure sitting on a log stump in front of a wooden shed.

Nirvana’s gritty “Come As You Are,” boomed out of the speakers as geeky Amish S&M butchers came strutting out one after the other.  Dressed in black leather trench coats, aprons, jeans, and thick western riding gloves –  these guys looked like they meant business.  Only I wasn’t sure if they were on their way to butcher some freshly killed venison, or off to a kinky orgy.  Maybe both, I’m not judging.

There were some great pieces in the collection like the crisp white dress shirts, the denim, the chunky knits, a beautiful red velvet bow tie, solo tuxedo jackets, and a fur-collared coat.  Sadly, the Mennonite hats and butcher’s aprons were too much of a distraction for most to pay any attention to this.

DSquared2 FW11

TVN Interview with Dean and Dan Caten talking about their cool, biker, grunge, pioneer look for FW11 below:


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