The Peacock Parade Brings Affordable Luxury To Canada

Peacock Parade - Chanel SS11 Campaign

Nancy Sahota and Jan Gandhi PP Founders

Peacock Parade Founders Nancy Sahota and Jan Gandhi - Photo c/o

The e-commerce landscape has evolved very rapidly.  In just ten short years, what started as a compliment to retail shopping has become more convenient, just as safe if not safer, and increasingly cheaper than shopping at a bricks and mortar retailer.

It was just this past weekend that I saw the same brand new Beastie Boys CD available for $14.99 at HMV, retailing for $9.99 on iTunes.  I’ve had the same experience with books, DVDs, car parts, clothing and accessories.  Advances in technology have resulted in safer transactions, faster shipping, cheaper prices, and the most accommodating return policies since e-commerce was introduced.  Not surprising then that a lot of us are purchasing more of our fashion online.

The latest trend in online fashion retailing is the advent of low-priced luxury fashion websites that offer flash sales.  During flash sales, items organized by brand or category go on sale at ridiculously low prices.  The sales last for only a couple of hours or until the stock sells out.  Great concept, only problem is that most of the websites that offer this either don’t ship to Canada or have insane shipping prices and high duties at the border that don’t make it worth your while.

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Valentine’s Gifts for Her: Victoria’s Secret Angel Chanel Iman

Welcome to the third and final It’s All Style To Me, Valentine’s Gifts for Her post.  In the first post, I had asked several of the sexiest fashionistas in the GTA and beyond to give me their Top Five Valentine’s Day Picks for 2011.  Responses ranged from the traditional flowers, chocolates, perfume, jewelry and lingerie, to the more sentimental like breakfast in bed, homemade cards, and a romantic night out or in.  For the second post, we explored jewelry a little closer by taking a look at the recent Canadian launch of the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection available exclusively at Birks Canada.

So for the final post, I thought that I would delve deeper into a Valentine’s Day gift that is more for his enjoyment, than hers.  I love women in lingerie.  In fact, I don’t think North American women wear enough lingerie.  I headed over to the Victoria’s Secret lingerie store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre today for the launch of their Love Collection.  I had the chance to talk to Victoria’s Secret Angel Chanel Iman, as she unveiled some of the sexiest gifts for Valentine’s Day.  Victoria’s Secret is celebrating the most romantic holiday of the year with a new Love Bra Collection and Sexy Little Things Noir Love Me Fragrance Collection.  The bras are priced between $49.50-59.50 and the fragrances between $10-$58.

Whether you like to watch that special someone slowly take their lingerie off, or get a little naughty with it on – the Victoria’s Secret Collection makes a great Valentine’s gift.  For Chanel Iman event photos please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.

VS Love Collection

Love Bra Collection and Sexy Little Things Noir Love Me Fragrance Collection

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