Strellson Takes Flight – Fall/Winter 2011

Strellson Fall/Winter 2011
On Tuesday, Swiss fashion design label Strellson held an impressive preview of their Fall/Winter 2011 Collection in North Toronto’s Canadian Air & Space Museum.  The creative venue tied in nicely into their Travel Style themed collection consisting of travel-ready business wear, elegant sportswear, and sharp-looking accessories.  With staff on hand from their head office in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland including Creative Director Marco Tomasi, Strellson showed it takes a keen interest in the Canadian market.

Founded in 1984 by former Hugo Boss owners Jochen and Uwe Holy, the company has grown to become a major global player in menswear.  How so?  Some of their major milestones have included the license acquisition of Tommy Hilfiger Tailored Clothing in Europe, becoming the official outfitter of male pilots and flight attendants for Swiss Air, and 33% acquisition of Joop!.

Strellson Fall/Winter 2011 is designed with the self-confident, jet-set male in mind.  Jackets and trousers are made with tightly wound pure woolen yarn and high-quality craftsmanship ensuring minimal creasing even after a long-haul flight.  Shirts are constructed with a special fabric structure that are wrinkle-resistant and easy to iron.  The T-shirts are breathable, the ties stain-resistant, and weekend leather bags spacious enough for important documents and essential garments.  Mr. Tomasi was kind enough to take me through Strellson’s Premium and Sportswear Collections in greater detail.

Strellson Premium FW11

Modern Citizens With a Spark of Tradition - Strellson Premium FW11

Strellson Premium Collection
The Strellson Premium Collection fuses traditional tailoring with modern design.  They’ve combined clear shapes, materials, and volumes in independent and rebellious ways.  The look is soft but masculine, reflecting an urban attitude.  The silhouette is slim and close-fitting and influences from indigo denim, military prints and design, and biker wear find their way into many of the pieces.  Rich moulinés, tricotine, velvets, corduroy, flannels, soft tweeds, bouclés, jerseys, lana cotta, canvas, and nylons – they’re all in there.  Some of my favourite patterns are incorporated in many of the pieces including herringbone, broken twill, microchecks, and glenplaid.  Colours are classic blacks, greys, with warm shades of navy, olive, stone, dark brown, and camel.  Some of my favourite pieces include a beautiful grey biker jacket with storm patch (second last photo above), an indigo jersey sports jacket, and of course the signature Strellson two-button suits.  Their bags, boots, and stylish eyewear are also worth taking a closer look at.

Strellson Active FW11

Cool Hunters on Urban Playground - Strellson Active FW11

Strellson Sportswear Collection
The Strellson Sportswear Collection combines traditional and workmanlike design with contemporary style.  English work wear, Norwegian and Canadian Inuit touches are interspersed with urban rock elements from the 1980s.  Mr. Tomasi stressed the beauty created by mixing opposites such as organic relaxed fits with sexy close-fitting outlines, matte with gloss, clean with destroyed, natural with techno, ethno with punk, etc.   The colours are urban neutrals with a touch of grey, masculine dark winter block colours, and strong coloured accents.  The geometric workwear and military details complement one another borrowing elements such as patch pockets, square flaps, studs, eyelets, zips, decorative quilting, and fur appliqués.  The leather treatments which include oiled, waxed, washed/stone-washed, and vintage effects makes their outerwear very interesting.  Must-haves include that beautiful bold cadmium red puffy bomber jacket, the blue and white Nordic turtleneck, the grey authentic Harris Tweed sports jacket.  You have to really love that indigo camo military jacket as well.

If there is a critique to be made, it would have to be the T-shirts.  I find the statement and graffiti style tees played out – not a fan.  Perhaps tackling polos or more structured workwear inspired tees may have been better?  Overall, a great functional wearable Swiss collection that are immune from shifting trends and will go the distance.  Great investment.  For event and product photos please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.

Strellson FW11


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