Kelly Cutrone Gets Philosophical With CBC’s Strombo

She doesn’t care if you think she’s a “witch, bitch or a dyke” (CBC).  Kelly ‘Kells Bells’ Cutrone, fashion PR maven extraordinaire and one of the stars of MTV’s The Hills and The City, was in town to do what she does best – tell it to us like it is.  The People’s Revolution CEO and founder (thanks for hooking me up with the Nicholas K fashion show during NY Fashion Week) was here to do an interview with television’s rating-saving and young demographic penetrating host of the CBC’s Strombo Show, George Stroumboulopoulos.

It’s All Style To Me, along with other local fashionistas, received tickets to the taping of the interview through the Toronto Fashion Incubator.  The interview, which will air on June 16th, focused on Kelly’s second book, Normal Gets You Nowhere.  The self-help book is a follow-up to the successful 2010 memoir, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside and is aimed at sharing her own brand of self-love with teenage girls.

Part hippie, part Eckhart Tolle, and a dash of Shirley MacClaine – a very philosophical Cutrone argued the case against normalcy and shared her thoughts on the self in only the best designer wear.  I mean, like, hello people.  What good is dishing out philosophy if not in a pair of $1,000 shoes?  “I went to the dictionary, and normal means ‘of average intelligence,'” said Cutrone, as she had in an earlier interview with the CBC’s Jean Ghomeshi.  “Who wants to be that?”

Joking aside, Cutrone made some excellent points discussing the challenge of fitting in, living up to social pressures that often equate to going nowhere, and the embracing the reality of your achieving your dreams.  Not surprising, she expanded on how playing nice doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere, citing Rosa Parks as a great example.  Admittedly, us meek Canadians could definitely use a lesson or two in parking our insincere politeness and passive aggressiveness, saying what’s really on our minds for a change.  Lucky for me, I don’t really have that problem.

Other highlights of the interview included a treatise on spirituality, empathy, Charlie Sheen, and the psychology of shopping.  Sadly, Kells Bells didn’t stick around for an audience Q&A, bolting straight out the back door faster than Anna Wintour at the end of most fashion shows.  She did head to Motoretta for a quick hello, who were celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary with a party full of hipster fashion, babes, and bikes (click here for pics).  Check out the interview with Kelly on June 16th on CBC, I’m sure it’ll be available on the CBC podcast as well.  Harper Collins Canada publishes Normal Gets You Nowhere and If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.  For details on where to buy it click on the image below.

Kelly Cutrone

Harper Collins


4 Responses to Kelly Cutrone Gets Philosophical With CBC’s Strombo

  1. keira says:

    I LOVE Kelly!! She represents everything I stand for!

  2. Reality says:

    Quick fact check:

    “rating-saving and young demographic penetrating host”

    The ratings for The Strombo Show are abysmal, and the main demo is females in their thirties and forties.

  3. Not sure who Strombo is up against in that time slot, nor do I have the ratings in front of me. Knowing people in the industry I can tell you that TV stations are very quick to pull shows that don’t do well in the ratings. 7 years later my man’s still going strong and getting paid for doing things HIS way. Props.

  4. Reality says:

    Find someone who has the data. Averages less than 100K nationally. CBC works differently in that failing programs aren’t axed as quickly. Also helps to have a “special” relationship with the head of the network.

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