Young Men & The Sea: Fisherman’s Sweaters & Loose Knits Spring/Summer 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Knits

Various Spring/Summer 2011 Knits: DSquared2, Rag & Bone, Paul Smith, Burberry Prorsum, Michael Kors

As Canadians celebrate Victoria Day and our American neighbours Memorial Day the following weekend, we’ve both been looking forward to this unofficial kick-off to summer.  Our drab fall/winter clothes get tossed to the back of the closet and we make room for the soothing creams, vibrant primaries, and bold pastels of Spring/Summer 2011.  Back in January, I pulled together a sneak peek of the next season’s noteworthy trends in the It’s All Style To Me Spring/Summer Essentials 2011 post.  Belted trench coats, braided leather belts, statement sports jackets, white suits, colour blocking, and leather strap sandals have all been reviewed in detailed posts since.  Hopefully, this head start his given you a leg up on the other guys and you’re well under way in adding select pieces to your wardrobe.

Those warm sunny days are amazing.  Who can ever get enough of them?  Most places however, have to contend with their share of cooler cloud covered days and windy nights during the otherwise phenomenal summer months.  Then there are those wild and crazy boat cruises and the gale force winds that come with them.  Whether you’re cruising through the sewage of Lake Ontario in a decrepit ferry that was refurbished some time around the late 70s, or sailing in style down the Ligurian Coast in a gorgeous yacht, you’ll need to bundle up.  You could always reach for a jacket and light scarf over a T-shirt, but may want to consider the alternative – a chic seasonal knit.

Unlike their bulkier winter relatives, spring/summer fisherman’s sweaters and loose knits are nonrestrictive and light.  They’ll keep you from breaking a sweat, but you’ll stay warm on those cooler days.  These fisherman’s sweaters and almost see-through loose knits are made with cotton, linen, or light cotton-blends rather than the wool of the fall/winter variety.  They also come in a wider range of colours, are a lot less fitted, and have deeper V-necks and scoop necks.

A bit of a brief history on the Aran sweater (a.k.a. fisherman’s sweater) – they originated in the Aran Islands of the coast of Ireland.  Originally made of natural cream coloured wool that was unscoured,  the wool retained its natural lanolin oils making the fisherman’s sweater more water-proof and unfortunately, a lot more itchy.  The original symbolism of fishing cables and baskets, the honeycomb (representing the hard-working bee), and the diamond (symbolic of success, wealth, treasure) is clearly evident in the fall/winter wool and cashmere sweaters we see today.  You’ll even find them in the SS11 knits of DSquared2, Michael Kors, and Perry Ellis.  Happy fishing guys!


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