LensCrafters RxHIBITION featuring Mena Suvari

Two nights ago, the beautiful and talented Mena Suvari was in town as LensCrafters’ special guest for their RxHIBITION.  Held in downtown Toronto’s ailing club district, the event was hosted in what looked like a quaint condo presentation center on Richmond Street just west of Spadina.  Simply called The Richmond, it’s the same location that was used for Gucci’s Dolce Vita Exhibition several months back.


Various Sunglasses Available at LensCrafters: Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Ray Ban, Tiffany & Co., Versace

As you may already know, LensCrafters is the largest optical retailer in North America.  They’ve been a household name for more than 25 years and Wednesday night’s RxHIBITION was more than just a showcase of designer sunglasses and pretty women in lab coats.  The RxHIBITION was about hitting two messages home – a) that your sunglasses are a reflection of your personality so you need to consider this before making a purchase, and b) if you are one of the 64% of the population that wear prescription eyewear, then you need prescription lenses in your sunglasses.

RxHIBITIONWith designer sunglasses on display stands throughout the space, LensCrafters categorized and labeled each pair under one of four lifestyle tags: The Style Maven, The Classic, The Connoisseur, and The Adventurer.  Not 100% sure which you fall under?  The sexy labcoat-clad LensCrafters ladies in their short skirts, low cut tops, and open-toed heels were there to help.  With clipboards in hand and my eyes clearly not where they should be, I finally took the LensCrafters RxHibition Sunglass Style Personality Quiz.  This helped me determine which lifestyle I fit into, so that I could figure out which designs to choose from.

So having figured out my lifestyle, I proceeded to select a pair of beautiful designer sunglasses from their vast selection.  LensCrafters told me about their one-hour service, 90-Day Unconditional Guarantee, and free eyewear adjustments and cleanings for life.  Surprisingly, only 11.5% of people actually wear prescription sunglasses.  The problem?  The majority are driving their vehicles having to choose between squinting while wearing their prescription eyewear, or wearing sunglasses and seeing a not-so-clear image of the traffic in front of them.  LensCrafters can take your newly purchased sunglasses and replace the lenses with prescription ones.  It’s done quickly and the process is compatible with 98% of the designer brand sunglasses that they carry.  I’m taking my new sunglasses in this week.

Finally, I couldn’t leave the event without cornering Mena Suvari and asking her for some style advice for the guys.  Check out the embedded YouTube video above to see and hear what she had to say.  For photos of Mena and the LensCrafters RxHIBITION please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.

Mena Suvari


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