Swarovski Shows Its Black Swan: Fall/Winter 2011 Preview

Swarovski Fall/Winter 2011 PreviewYesterday evening, Swarovski Canada held their first ever Canadian Blogger Event.  Hosted at Andrew Richard Designs in Toronto’s Distillery District, the Black Swanish Fall/Winter 2011 Preview entitled Wings of Fantasy, was the jeweller’s final installment of their campaign trilogy.

Cool-to-neutral colours with the odd shot of ruby red featured prominently in the women’s FW11 pieces.  Sophisticated and each one more unique than the next, the design and colourful gradients were evident in many of my favourites including the violet-to-turquoise Player necklace and earrings set.  The stunning orzo-shaped, jewel-coloured crystals of the Proudly and Panache necklace and earrings sets are another example of superb Swarovski design and quality.  Glamorous FW11 pieces were complimented with novelty collectibles such as the Timothy Burton inspired reversible stitched broken heart Pepper set and the collaborative work with Disney and Hello Kitty.  Together with Swarovski’s signature caricatures and charms, they’re sure to boost sales, especially in the rapidly growing Asian luxury goods market.  New for Swarovski in FW11, is their first fragrance called Aura.  I’m pretty critical of women’s perfume, even skeptical when it comes to a new ‘designer’ product.  In all honestly though, check out Aura girls.  It smells amazing.

Swarovski Mens

Swarovski Men's

As mentioned in an earlier It’s All Style To Me post, Bloomberg Business Week had pointed to a recent growing global demand in men’s jewellery.  “Sales this year of men’s jewelry priced above $700 will probably rise 9.9 percent to a record $2.54 billion, more than four times the gain forecast for all luxury goods,” explained researcher Euromonitor International.  The growth is significant and shows a trend which has been building steadily over the past two years with 8.7% growth in 2010 and 3.8% in 2009.  “It’s becoming far more the norm that men are wearing jewellery without being stereotyped,” says Flur Roberts, the head of luxury goods research at Euromonitor.

Thankfully, Swarovski has come through for the guys big time for FW11.  Think along the lines of Thomas Sabo, but simpler, cleaner, and more refined.  The boys fell in love with the men’s collection, as did the girls.  Big hits were the black crystal skull paper weights and necklaces, crocodile bracelet, crystal studded black leather cuff, the silver keychains, and the black crystal cufflinks.  I also really liked the black leather iPhone case and braided leather bracelets that have been a huge hit in Europe.  For more photos of the Swarovski event, please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.


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  1. wabibito says:

    Hey Spiro, I came through Mona’s blogto post. I’ll come back to read your blog in greater detail, but just want to say you have great style!

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