Prince William Wearing Savile Row’s Finest On Wedding Day

Gieves & Hawkes

Gieves & Hawkes British Uniforms: Scarlet Full Dress, RAF Full Dress Tunic, Naval Full Dress - Photo c/o Gieves & Hawkes

According to the Telegraph, defying 16/1 odds, Sophie Cranston beat out Bruce Oldfield, Philippa Lepley, Daniella Helayel for Issa, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, and many others to win the most coveted fashion commission of the decade.  Libélula was chosen to make Kate Middleton’s wedding gown for this Friday’s Royal Wedding.  That’s all well and good, but what about Prince William?  Earlier this year, HELLO! Magazine had exclusively reported that Savile Row Tailor Gieves & Hawkes had been selected by Prince William to create the uniform he will wear on his wedding day on Friday, April 29th.

Uniform?  According to Kathryn Sargent, Gieves & Hawkes’s head cutter (Telegraph), “Uniforms have always been worn, since the wedding of George V [in 1893]. The modern suit evolved from uniforms, anyway. When a man wears a smart, well-fitting uniform, it makes him stand up tall. It’s a masculine garment which complements the bride’s outfit perfectly.”  The future King doesn’t have to wear a uniform, but has to opted to go with tradition and will wear either a RAF, Royal Navy or Army uniform on his big day.  Having served with all three forces, he is eligible to wear any of the uniforms.  HELLO! took an online poll asking readers which uniform they preferred:


HELLO! Magazine Poll

Gieves & Hawkes, by Royal Appointment since George III,  have been the bespoke British tailor & military outfitter since 1771.  Gieves & Hawkes supply the Royal Household and British Services with tailoring and ceremonial uniforms.  A presentation of new and old military uniforms can be viewed at the newly refurbished Gieves & Hawkes store at No.1 Savile Row, London W1S 3JR.  At Selfridges in London, there is currently an exhibit of the tailors’ service dress uniforms and ceremonial garments, including the uniform the Prince of Wales wore to marry Diana in 1981.  David Beckham, Jenson Button and David Cameron all own bespoke Gives & Hawkes suits, which set them back around £2,800 ($US 4,600) each.

The UK Press Association is betting on the RAF uniform with some ‘accessorizing’:  “William is a Knight of the Order of the Garter and on his wedding day is likely to wear the Order’s blue sash, with its attached badge, and star. The royal has received one military honour and will proudly wear his Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.”  If Prince William changes out of his military uniform for the evening reception, W1 neighbour Thom Whiddett of Mayfair Bespoke Tailors has recommended that a three-piece lounge suit in midnight blue “with a little bit of luster to it. Nothing too showy, but something special,” as the way to go (Telegraph).  Should be cool to see what the boys from G&H come up with.


One Response to Prince William Wearing Savile Row’s Finest On Wedding Day

  1. Looks like the Telegraph was wrong. Kate Middleton wore Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and NOT Sophie Cranston for Libélula.

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