SAVE THE DATE: Power Ball 13: Thirteenth Floor, June 16, 2011


OK, so you guys have been hounding me for a heads up on the coolest upcoming local Toronto events.  One of the biggest charity events of the year is The Power Plant’s Annual Power Ball.  The Power Ball is the art gallery’s largest annual fundraiser. From its inception in 1999, Power Ball has set the standard as the most influential, vibrant and original contemporary art party.  Attracting a sophisticated “who’s who” crowd of artists, fashionistas, celebrities, and financiers from the world of film, advertising, music, design, and art, this is one sensational party providing vital funds to the exhibition and public programs at The Power Plant.  So start putting away that nightclub money, because everyone knows that nightclubs and their bottle service are for amateurs.  The charity events are where it’s at.  See you there guys.

Power Ball: 13th Floor

A place you’ve never been before. A party untouched by time and cloaked in intrigue. Hidden surprises, altered realities, a playground for the imagination.

Tickets are now on sale!

* Purchase tickets by phone by calling +1.416.973.4018 or email

Event Details
Thursday, 16 June, 2011
VIP Lounge: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM in the Enwave Theatre
Party 8:30 PM @ The Power Plant

Co-Chairs:Gabe Gonda, Jeremy Laing, Jessica Rose, and Trinity Jackman

Ticket Prices
Party: $165
Members: $155

Ticket Packages
Party Package: $ 1650
12 Tickets for the price of 10 to the Power Ball Party

Party tickets and the Party Package can be purchased online, by phone +1.416.973.4018 or email  Tell ’em It’s All Style To Me sent ya.

VIP Tickets and Packages
VIP: $400
Approx $220 tax receipt

Artist Package: $ 2,500
2 tickets to The Power Ball VIP Lounge and Party
A donation to The Power Plant which will enable 10 artists to attend the Power Ball party
Recognition on Marketing Materials
Approx $2,000 tax receipt

VIP Package: $4,000
10 VIP Party Tickets
Recognition on Thank You Cards
Approx $2,200 tax receipt

To purchase VIP tickets or packages, please contact Angela Grabham at +1.416.973.4926 or email


4 Responses to SAVE THE DATE: Power Ball 13: Thirteenth Floor, June 16, 2011

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  2. dmt says:

    Alas, the perennial question: What to wear to the PB?

    Some arrive from work, sporting blue, blue and blue bespoked suits and young wives. Some wear tank tops and glasses with no lenses. (I never notice what the women are wearing, only how they look) ;)

    Last year I was complimented by Pinball Clemons, so I think I might have missed the mark.

    Only two weeks to decide. What ever I choose, I’ll be ready to spill free scotch and duck confit.

  3. Better not wear white around you…

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