Jockey Launches staycool Underwear

Jockey staycool

Jockey staycool Underwear for Men and Women - Photo c/o Jockey Canada

Jockey® Canada Company just launched some pretty cool underwear.  Their new staycool line of men’s and women’s undergarments are made from patented Outlast® technology that uses phase change materials (PCMs) to absorb, store, and release excess body heat.  It’s All Style To Me had a chance to test drive the men’s staycool crew neck T-shirt and I have to admit, there was a difference.  The building has yet to turn on the air conditioning, so the temperature in here can soar to well over 80’F (27’C) when the sun is out.  While damp in a regular T-shirt, I’ve been totally dry in the Jockey staycool.  Weird science?

The first company to market both men’s and women’s underwear treated with Outlast technology in North America, Jockey is using technology that was originally developed by NASA to help balance temperature fluctuations in space and keep astronauts comfortable.  “What’s great about staycool is that it feels so natural against your body; not too loose or too tight. It just fits, you go about your day and you’re comfortable,” says Tim Tebow, quarterback for the NFL’s Denver Broncos and Jockey staycool spokesperson.  “And if it’s cool enough for astronauts, it’s cool enough for me.”

Cotton fibre treated with Outlast creates an invisible microclimate of comfort between the skin and garment.  Skin temperature is subsequently regulated up to 3’F, helping to keep your body cool and comfortable throughout the day.  Women’s Jockey staycool garments are made from 95% Cotton/5% Spandex and men’s are 100% cotton. Available for purchase at The Bay and Sears, the Jockey staycool line currently includes:

  • For Women: Reversible Crew Neck to V-Neck T-Shirt/Reversible Crew Neck to V-Neck Tank Top/Bikini/Modern Brief
    • The Hi-Cut will be launch Fall 2011
  • For Men: Crew Neck T-Shirt/V-Neck T-Shirt/Boxer Brief/Athletic Midway Brief
    • The Low Rise Brief will launch Fall 2011

The Jockey staycool line is available in multiple colours. Suggested retail prices are:

  • $20-$22 for women’s tops
  • 2/$34 for men’s tops
  • 3/$26-$32 for bottom’s

For more information, please visit


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