Marines, Stevedores, and Longshoremen: Klaxon Howl Fall/Winter 2011 Men’s Collection

Coming off what is unquestionably one of the fashion world’s most artistic Men’s Spring/Summer 2011 Campaigns of the year, leave it to menswear designer Matt Robinson of Klaxon Howl to put on a great show on the final day of LG Fashion Week.  Stacked retro munition crates complete with a matching wooden dolly, a vintage Mole-Richardson searchlight, a massive ship’s anchor and sail, and a barrel with a wooden chess set next to a jammed switchblade – a testament to this man’s attention to detail.  More naval than nautical, I teased the designer about having expected something out of Pirates of Caribbean.  He didn’t find it very funny.  You see, Matt is a serious collector of vintage military clothing and memorabilia.  He has been rocking the military look long before anyone else thought it was cool to do so.

“We really sort of dissect the clothing, try to recreate those construction techniques, finishes, fabrics, and notions of that time,” Robinson tells me in a backstage interview after the show.  “Been doing high-waisted, wide-legged, military and naval inspired pieces for a long time.”  Most of the pieces are based on real military garments.  The peacoat is a take on the WWI US Navy 13-Buttoned Peacoat and the shawl-collared jacket, a WWII 1938 Mackinaw.  “We do change things about them, but that’s the foundation…They will fit in a lot of people’s wardrobes.”

An ultramarine black wool-lined Mackinaw peacoat (seen in the YouTube video below), a light blue and pink button-down shirt, a blue/green check flannel, military khaki cargo pants, and army green trousers provided a shot of colour to the clean conservative Canadian collection.  I loved the outerwear and trousers, particularly the raw, contrast-stitched denim.  This is a classic collection based on pieces that have, and will continue to, stand the test of time both in style and quality.

Klaxon Howl FW11


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