LG Toronto Fashion Week – Day 5

LGFW Day 5
“Are you married?  Yes?  How about you?  Are you?”  No, that’s not me working the room at LG Fashion Week.  It’s acclaimed actor Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, famous for cult classics such as Snakes on the Plane.  He was overheard looking for a little something-something at Klaxon Howl’s Fashion Show on Friday night.  The actor chilled backstage with Matt Robinson and the models before the show and sat front row during.  Huge fan of Klaxon Howl or sponsored celeb endorsement?  Some had said The Hudson’s Bay Company ‘brought’ him to the show.  All I know is that as soon as it ended, he paused for quick press photo backstage, then bolted out the back door.  More on Klaxon in another post.  Another show closing out LGFW was the highly publicized Amanda Lew Kee and her FW11 Fashion Show.  Having been featured on Fashion Television a week or so earlier, Amanda’s second showing at LGFW had commanded a huge crowd.  More on her show in a follow-up post.

There’s knitwear, then there’s LINE Knitwear.  Just ask the myriad of celebrities who own LINE’s garments and they’ll tell you how amazing their pieces are.  The final show(s) of the night was John Muscat’s and Jennifer Wells’ Boho Gypsy-inspired Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.  Think Rodarte meets your Scottish grandmother’s fine yarns and knitting kit.  You’ll have a pretty good picture of a collection steeped in sophisticated knits, creative layering, Eastern European influences, an earthy palette, and the coolest styling.  It’s a cool comfortable collection that translates effortlessly to the hippest of young women, but still looks good on your Scottish grandmother – even if she’s not Scottish.  Great for Toronto, even better for those cool winter L.A. nights.  Highlights of the collection included the crochet shawls, cardigans, dresses and skirts, the rabbit fur biker jacket and knits, velvet flare pants, floor length cable knit and crochet dresses, and aviator leather bomber with raccoon collar.  Damn these guys are good.  Love their stuff.  For more photos of Day 5, please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.

LGFW FW11 Day 4 LGFW FW11 Day 3 LGFW FW11 Day 2 LGFW FW11 - Day 1


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