LG Toronto Fashion Week – Day 2

LGFW Day 2The first full day of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week will undoubtedly go down as the busiest.  With some of the most eagerly anticipated shows of the LGFW schedule, shows included Denis Gagnon, LABEL, Shan, Chloe Comme Parris, Korhani Rugs, Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh Style, and menswear designer Bustle.  Denis Gagnon kicked off the day in an early time slot (by fashion week standards) that’s been a point of contention for some of LGFW designers.  A few designers had opted out of the LGFW schedule altogether, choosing to show off-site rather than take the early slot.

It’s All Style To Me had a chance to preview some of the FW11 collection and interview Denis at a trunk show held at jewellery designer Dandi Maestre’s boutique in Toronto’s Annex.  Denis had a great year in 2010 having collaborated on a capsule collection for BEDO, a tribute segment on Fashion Television, and 10 year career anniversary retrospective exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  “Mixing, crossroads, fluidity, union, exchange, dialogue, alliances…” are some of the words Denis used to describe his latest collection.  “In a fusion of colours, textures, and materials, the feminine silhouette, endowed with a new profile, is enhanced by this exuberant sensuality found in the sculptural work of Denis Gagnon.”  Futuristic Matrix-like zipped leathers, shaggy jet black faux-fur outerwear, on-trend pleated skirts and dresses, mossy knits, and sensual sheers mark what will undoubtedly be one of the most talked about collections of LGFW.  Incredible collection.

Denis Gagnon FW11

During New York Fashion Week, It’s All Style To Me had a preview of couturitarian-at-large, Kimberley Newport-Mimran’s FW11 Collection.  Kim’s got the Pink Tartan woman looking lean and mean for FW11 in a military-inspired pieces.  The Pink Tartan girls marched down the runway in stilettoed knee-high leather boots, military caps and belts.  The collection blended elegant elements of couture with military uniform tailoring, shades of army greens, army browns, and black/silver camouflage prints.  Loved the way the feather skirts, bold fuchsia, and parachute-meets-tutu skirts were thrown in for contrast.  The crowd was impressed.

Pink Tartan FW11

While several of the international Women’s FW11 Collections have been turning to the 70s for glam-inspired looks, Joe Fresh Style has looked to the 60s all-American girl as a muse for the FW11 Collection.  Signature Joe Fresh orange, khakis, forest and emerald greens, and sky blues dominated the runway during Tuesday’s pop/dance music infused show.  Favourites included the geometric prints, neoprene (fabric-du-jour for FW11) skirts, sweater dresses, and accessories.  Not your usual cup of Joe.  The design label has huge ambitions of expansion and domination of the discount retail market.  They’ve already set up shop(s) in NYC.  At Joe’s prices, Mimran’s got American Apparel, H&M, and the GAP all shaking in their little discount boots.  For Day 2 photos please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.

Joe Fresh Style FW11

Joe Fresh Style After Party FW11

Joe Fresh Style After Party FW11 - CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS

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Canadian Country Squire Chic: Bustle Fall/Winter 2011 Men’s Collection

Sharply tailored, luxurious, funked-up classics are the specialty of the Bay Street lawyers turned fashion designers behind Canadian fashion house Bustle.  Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow’s FW11 collection finds inspiration in the Canadian winter weekend warrior.  A man with of distinction who chooses to embrace winter’s recreational potential and not hide from it indoors.  “We went dog-sledding in Deerhurst, two hours north of the city.  We realized, that’s how you do it,” explained Hewson in an It’s All Style To Me backstage interview after the show.  “That’s how you get through winter, you have to embrace it.”

Tough, rugged, yet refined – the Bustle man is shown in the opening video sequence to the show hurling up Highway 11 en route to Muskoka in his Range Rover.  A team of Huskies and vintage dogsled await him, as they routinely have in weekends past.  The sound of barking Huskies booms out of the speakers as strapping Bustle men (and a few hot women) strut the catwalk in well-tailored sportswear, Raf Simons-esque Fair Isle knits, and posh sports coats and trousers with cognac-filled snifter glasses in tow.  Well equipped for adventure and mixing it up after hours with the resort crowd – something media mogul and Bustle fan Moses Znaimer could possibly related to?  He was enjoying the show from the front row.

When asked about the prospect of adopting a potential fleeting trend (plaid/check shirts) for FW11, the duo stated, “There are definitely a lot of plaid shirts out there, that’s for sure.  It just looks good.  It’s a classic fabric pattern that you use and play with in different ways.  It never goes out of style.”  Bustle favourites included the comfy cotton-based flannels, check/windowpane sports coats, thin turtlenecks, and a luxurious plum peacoat.  For more with Shawn and Ruth click on the YouTube video below.  For LG Fashion Week Day 2 photos including Bustle’s FW11 Collection, please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.

Bustle FW11

LG Toronto Fashion Week – Day 1

LGFW FW11 - Day 1I did my best to power walk from Liberty Village to the Heritage Court last night.  Dinner?  Who has time?  Half way through the CNE Grounds, Facebook, Twitter, email, and text messages ablaze – I spot a 5’10”, 115lbs, Asian girl in 6″ stilettos.  She’s alone and looking as lost as a little puppy.  “LG Fashion Week right?” I ask her.  “The stupid cab dropped me off here,” she explained half panicking, half shivering.  She didn’t have much on, not that I’m complaining.  I threw my coat over her and convinced her to follow me to the venue.  “My friend is waiting for me inside.  Come with me so I can introduce you.  You’re such a gentleman.”  Turns out that friend was Dragon’s Den Kevin O’Leary.  “How are you?  I’m Spiro, we’ve met before,” I greeted him.  “Oh yeah? Where?”  We actually had met at the Gala for Black Swan during the Toronto Film Festival back in September.  “At the Roy Thomson Hall.  We chatted for a bit before the movie, then you had to go pee,” I laughed.  “Funny, I have to go pee now too,” he joked as he glanced over at his date who I gathered, had arrived a little late.

Last night was Day 1 of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week, an invitation only evening hosting Holt Renfrew Presents, “Can’t Live Without Canadian Fashion,” IZMA, and JUMA Fashion Shows.  It’s All Style To Me was invited to cover all three shows, as well as The Launch Party hosted by Elmer Olsen Model Management at The Ballroom.  Anyone who is someone in Canadian fashion was at Heritage Court last night.  Queen of Fashion Media Jeanne Beker and actor boyfriend Barry Flatman, Street Style Blog pioneer Tommy Ton, FDCC’s Robin Kay, Elmer Olsen, Suzanne Rogers, Suzanne Boyd, Julie Black, designers, socialites, and countless others.  Young bloggers filed in in packs, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, as newspaper and magazine writers glared on in disdain.   Democratization of media can be a bitch.

Holt Renfrew Presents, “Can’t Live Without Canadian Fashion,” showcased a selection of pieces from Canadian designers Todd Lynn (based in London, UK), Greta & Ezra Constantine, Denis Gagnon, Pink Tartan, Wings + Horns, Smythe, Lida Baday, Canada Goose, Twenty Cluny, and Jeremy Laing.  “At Holt Renfrew, we are very proud to support Canadian talent and design,” stated Barbara Atkin, VP, Fashion Direction at Holt Renfrew in a press release.  “We carry over 50 Canadian fashion brands in our stores across the country and present them shoulder to shoulder with the best of the labels from around the world.  We are thrilled to be supporting this group of our talented Canadian designers in launching LG Fashion Week again this season with the kick-off show of the week.”  The show kicked off with a video created by Justin Wu of Holt’s staff and designers lip-syncing to, BTO’s, Taking Care of Business.  There were some descent pieces from the labels who weren’t showing outside of the Holt’s show.  The guys from Wings + Horns had some descent menswear, but nothing we haven’t seen before.  Same with Smythe.  Great après-ski wear, but looked borrowed from the Dolce & Gabbana FW10 lookbook.  Twenty Cluny had some fun sexy pieces for the girls, like the cool Lichtenstein novelty panel jersey dress and their sexy sequins dresses.

Izzy Camilleri and Adrian Mainella‘s second Fall/Winter IZMA Collection rocked Monday night’s crowd with some 70s Studio 54 glam-inspired fur pieces and lush velvets.  FENDI they are not, but give these guys time.  Expect to see big things from them.  Brother-sister design team of New York-based JUMA closed the night with their trademark prints.  Some of the colourful fluid creations worked great on the women – couldn’t really get into the menswear though.  For an inside look at LG Toronto Fashion Week – Day 1 please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.

LAUNCH Elmer Olsen Model Management

Launch Party - Elmer Olsen Model Management

Holts FW11


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LG Toronto Fashion Week – FW11 Collection Schedule


With Fall/Winter 2011 fashion week pretty much over for all of the big four cities, attention turns to our local talent here at Toronto’s Fashion Week (March 28-April 2).  Unfortunately, the organizers only publish the on-site schedule leaving the off-site detective work to us.  On-site LGTFW shows are held at Heritage Court, Exhibition Place, 100 Princes’ Blvd.  This year’s exhibitors include well-known Canadian labels such as Denis Gagnon, Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh Style, LOVAS, Rudsak, Lundström, and many others.  This is the final fashion week schedule, current as of March 28, 2011.

Final Schedule LGFW FW11


* All attendees must be over 19 years of age to attend

PREVIEW: Denis Gagnon Fall/Winter 2011

Montreal’s avant-garde enfant terrible Denis Gagnon will be kicking off LG Toronto Fashion Week at 1:00PM on Tuesday afternoon.  He’ll also be showing a few pieces during Monday evening’s invitation only Holt Renfrew Presents, “Can’t Live Without Canadian Fashion”.  Gagnon, in collaboration with jewellery designer Dandi Maestre, was cool enough host an invitation to touch and feel the FW11 collection and accessories ahead of the big show.

It’s All Style To Me was invited to chat with Denis about his latest collection.  You can expect the usual black leather, edgy, urban looks with the introduction of a bit of colour for next season.  Beautiful faux fur trims, pleated dresses, and other surprises await the ladies.  In a fit of envy, fellow Toronto Fashion Blogger Julio Reyes Cocka of www.fashionights.com and I attempted to sell Denis Gagnon on how the latest collection could also work for men (see photo below).  Come on Denis, enough already, it’s time you let us guys in on the fun.  For more photos of the event please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.

Denis Gagnon Preview FW11 Denis Gagnon FW11Denis Gagnon FW11

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