London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 – Men’s Top 20 Picks

As a follow up to the It’s All Style To Me Top 20 Picks for New York, Milan, and Paris, below is a list of the Top 20 Picks (in semi-alphabetical order) from the FW11 Men’s Collections London Fashion Week, February 18-23, 2011:

1) Alfred Dunhill – Cobalt Blue Two-Button Pinstripe Suit, Red Compass Print Tie, Tan Brogue Derby

2) Alfred Dunhill – Steel Grey Double-Breasted Camdeboo Blazer

3) Alfred Dunhill – Navy Single-Breasted Wool/Silk Textured Stripe Evening Suit

4) E. Tautz – Cropped Yellow Peacoat, Fitted Regular Navy Peacoat, Turtlenecks, Trousers

5) E. Tautz – Red Two-Button Sports Jacket, Patterned Scarf Red/Black

6) Hardy Amies – Electric Blue Cardigan

7) Hardy Amies – Midnight Blue Shawl Lapel Patterned Tuxedo

8) Hardy Amies – Slim Fit Double Breasted and Three-Piece Suits

9) James Long – Tweed Jacket and Coat

10) James Long – Black Leather Biker Jacket

11) Katie Eary – Animal Print Belted Trench

12) Martine Rose – Textured Purple Cropped Sweater

13) Mr. Start – Teal/Green Sports Jacket and Slim Fit Suits

14) Oliver Spencer – Shadow Plaid Coat, Camouflaged Sports Jacket, Duffel Coat

15) Sibling – Textured Sweater, Fairisle Sweater

16) Omar Kashoura – Camouflaged Pants, Double-Breasted Grey Suit

17) Topman Design – Faux Fur Collared Coat, Silk Patterned Dress Shirts, Faux Fur Stoles, Knotted Cravats/Scarves

18) Topman Design – Motel Red Overcoat, Tweed Suits, Fishermen’s Sweaters

19) J.W. Anderson – Mohair Sweaters, Slim Fit Trousers

20) Tween – Shadow Plaid Trench


3 Responses to London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 – Men’s Top 20 Picks

  1. bolsas femininas says:

    Hey, tried adding your site to google reader and it shows an error message, any idea?

  2. No idea. Never used Google Reader. You can always add the RSS feed or go with an email subscription above.

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