Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week – Day 5


NYFW - Day 5 :: Click Here for Photos

February 14, NYFW Day 5 – Valentine’s Day and we are into the fifth day of New York Fashion Week.  Fitting perhaps, that this post would be dedicated to the ladies.  By now, navigating the NYC Subway system has gotten a little easier and the added breathing space is a welcomed change from the packed sardine tin can we have back in Toronto.  Things are flowing quite smoothly at the Lincoln Center, people’s faces are becoming more familiar as we make new friends, and we’ve seen some beautiful collections from our favourite designers.

First stop of the day was the presentation of the FW11 Collection by Melanie Fraser Hart’s and William Calvert’s, Callula Lillibelle label.  The design house is barely a year old having launched its first collection back in February 2010.  From the Latin for delicate beauty and Irish for pure beauty, Callula Lillibelle prides itself on ‘desk-to-dinner’ fail-proof outfits that are reasonably priced ($90-$400).  Another bonus, sizes are available between 0-14 so that there is something for every body shape.  Melanie and Calvert build their brand and the FW11 collection has many attractive quality pieces.  From a guy’s perspective:  The Red Melton Notched Collar Coat, Oversize Camel Tweed Coat, Cropped Teal Velvet Motorcycle Jacket, Red Ponte LSWB Dress, and Leopard Strapless Tulip Dress are my top choices.

Callula Lillibelle FW11

Callula Lillibelle FW11 Collection - New York Fashion Week

One of the first invitations I had received for this season’s NYFW was for Brazilian designer and philanthropist, Carlos Miele.  If you get a moment, check out Vogue TV’s – The World of Carlos Miele.  This guy is something else.  Carlos describes the women he designs for as sophisticated and ageless, with an innate sense of femininity that reflects the Brazilian Way.  The moda bonita perhaps?  Carlos has admitted that his favourite designers are Japanese, but their culture is about denying the body.  Quite contrary to the Brazilian culture.  For his FW11 collection, Carlos has found inspiration in 3D surfaces, overlays, chiaroscuro, satellite imagery, graphic stripes, and clashes of colour and texture resulting in a fusion of Japanese influenced Brazilian sexiness.  The fox furs, off white trousers and blouses, black, white and metallic coloured dresses, basically everything with the exception of the blue or purple/gold and moss green/blue combos were incredible.  Obrigado my friend, job well done.

Carlos Miele FW11

Carlos Miele FW11 Collection - New York Fashion Week

The final destination was an off-site visit to Chelsea’s Danise Gallery for the Barbara Tfank presentation.  As an artist, this was a real treat for me because we were given the chance to enjoy what was the inspiration for Barbara’s latest collection – the paintings of Larry Poons.  The fluid brushstrokes and fresh, contrasting jewel-like colours streaked with gold, inspired Barbara to bring those qualities to her FW11 collection.  Classic silhouettes met with fresh new additions by way of leather and denim developed in collaboration with Henry Duarte, forge a marriage of past and present in a celebration of colour, texture, and couturier detailing.  I’ll tell you one thing, that Barbara Tfank has an eye for great tailoring and gorgeous models.  Only, what’s with the Justin Bieber hairstyles?

Barbara Tfank FW11

Barbara Tfank FW Collection - New York Fashion Week

For more photos of Callula Lillibelle, Carlos Miele, and Barbara Tfank’s FW11 collections, please visit my Facebook page.


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