DANIER Spring/Summer 2011



The folks at Canadian fashion label and leather specialist DANIER, just revealed their collection and campaign for spring/summer 2011.  Photos were shot on the exotic island of Puerto Rico by Raphael Mazzucco and they aptly convey a theme of wander and lust for the upcoming season.

Exploration and global travel are unveiled through safari silhouettes, tribal details, animal and Moroccan print accessories for the women, with fashion forward slim-cut leather bomber jackets and classic accessories for the men.  Like many of their European, and at least one of their American counterparts, DANIER has chosen to embrace colour for men.  They’ve expanded their offering this season from traditional blacks and greys, to season-appropriate electric blues, scarlet reds, deep forest greens, rich chocolate browns and tans.

Spring 2011 will also see the début of the BLINK collection, exclusively available at DANIER. The new line aims to deliver fashion-forward, runway-inspired genuine leather garments to the consumer at a great value.  “Each season at DANIER we aim to deliver designs to our customer that they are passionate about and inspire their day-to-day wardrobes,” says Jennifer Steckel Elliott, DANIER’s VP of Marketing. “This spring we invite you to take a journey in your dressing, without having to cross any borders.”


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