Interior Design Meets Fashion: Glenn & David Dixon

Dixon House

Design by Dixon House - Glenn & David Dixon

Glenn & David Dixon

Toronto-based interior designer Glenn Dixon, is well known from his work on television including the W Network’s, “Take This House and Sell It.”  In 2009, to celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday, Glenn was commissioned by Mattel to develop a home line of furnishings and accessories to promote the occasion.  His work has been profiled in many magazines and he’s been a guest on several television and radio programs throughout Canada and the USA.

His brother David Dixon, is a fashion designer who had apprenticed under Alfred Sung in 1995, before establishing his own line in 1999.   Rejecting the more common approach of radically moving from one trend to another, David has a modernist openness towards emerging fashion design preferring the quiet elegance of simplified and modern silhouettes.  It must be working because he’s garnered a loyal following among film and fashion celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and others.

Four of Canada’s most creative siblings came together at this year’s Interior Design Show, to transform one 600 square foot space each, into a unique statement of design.  The Dixon brothers’ 600 square foot Room of Wishes, is a harmonious juxtaposition of Glenn’s pizazz-filed interior design and David’s elegant minimalist approach to fashion.  Light, softly diffused by hundreds of paper cranes hanging from the ceiling, provides serene illumination to an interior that is contemporary, gender neutral, with an air of Classic Chanel to it.  The L-shaped sectional is replaced with a more inclusive and space-saving C-shaped one, complemented with a round rather than square coffee table.   Their creative collaboration goes beyond the project for IDS11.  If fact, they’ve recently embarked on a joint venture – an interior and product design (furniture) company called Dixons House.

Glenn was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule at IDS11 and give the followers of It’s All Style To Me a quick interior design tip.  Below is the IDS produced background video of Glenn and David talking about the Sibling Revelry challenge, followed by Glenn’s message to It’s All Style To Me:


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