Lanvin Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

Moving away from some of their harsher urban looks, Lanvin’s FW11 collection is introducing elegance to a new generation of young men.  “People aren’t used to associating this word elegant with young men.  It’s always about sexy, or cool, or hip,” said Lanvin Creative Director, Alber Elbaz.  Lanvin has developed a concept of neoclassicism defined by designer Lucas Ossendrijver, as a hybrid of classic tradition and contemporary design.  The result, elegant active wear.

Lanvin has tailored their outfits with cuts inspired by the world of sportswear.  The clothes are aerodynamic, fluid, rounded, and voluminous.  Baggy pants were all over the Paris runways for FW11, and Lanvin’s asymmetrically pleated trousers were no exception.  Layering was another key element in a show where the turtlenecks became the undershirts.  I can only imagine that Alber and Lucas are bracing themselves for an unprecedentedly cold winter next year.

Not sure if it was the mysterious look created by the oversized Amish-styled fedoras, the long overcoats, or the suits, but all I kept thinking about was the video for Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.  There were some charming pieces to put on next year’s wish list.  I would recommend the coloured loafers, the red and black velvet jackets, the overcoats, a textured grey V-necked sweater, the slim fitting pants, the gloves, and the grey an asymmetrical sweater.

Lanvin FW11


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