Paul Smith Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

London werewolf in Paris?  Not quite, but with the massive full moon, furs, and one bearded beast of a model, one would think so.  The FW11 collection is inspired by the music of the late Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart.  The free association led Smith to thinking about artistic freedom, hence Frank’s daughter Moon Zappa, hence the full moon, hence the late 60s Space Odyssey 2001 theme.  Now that’s some serious free association.

The show kicked off with a silver, puffy, quilted parka that was one NASA logo and space helmet short of a space suit.  Orange linings, cosmic prints, and pants with synthetic horizontal demarcations on the thighs and zippers across the shins reinforced this theme.  The fashion show wasn’t all cosmic, as it did switched gears with the introduction of animal prints that would make Cavalli proud.  Double-breasted pin/chalk stripped suits, offset duffel coats, loose cardigans, angora sweaters, oversized coats (common theme of Paris FW11), and a healthy mix of colours peppered the runway.

The pants seemed to have high waists, accentuated by low slung skinny belts.  Dessert goggles and rolled beanies made their début, as did large polka dots.  One of the more inclusive collections with a lot of variety,  Paul Smith succeeded in creating something for everyone.

Paul Smith FW11

*Apologies for the current embedded video.  It will be replaced by the full fashion show video soon.


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