John Galliano Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

John Galliano’s last two men’s collections found inspiration in the fantastical figures of Charlie Chaplin and Sherlock Holmes.  For FW11, Galliano based his collection on the life and times of famed Tatar ballerino, Rudolf Nureyev.  In what felt more like an opera than a fashion show, the famed King of the Fashion Show Extravaganza turned to the signature theatrics and showmanship he’s famous for.

Galliano chronicled the rise of Nureyev in acts, beginning with the folksy rugged Mongolian/Tibetan/Siberian display of aggressively layered coats, furs, and knits.  Act II focused on Nureyev’s evolution in the post-U.S.S.R. defection world of 60s-to-70s France and Britain.  This was exemplified through contemporary slim fitted suits, black Chelsea boots, groovy haircuts, and flowing silk scarves.  After a brief intermission care of some ballet themed athletic wear, on came the finale.  Tapping into the diva-like worldly Nureyev, a man at the top of his game, the opulence oozed out of every outfit.  Accessorized in turbans and black knee-high ridding boots, one by one the models sashayed across the runway like sultans soaked in vivid colour, fine tapestry, decorative ornaments, and embroidery that would make Liberace stand at attention.

Galliano’s FW11 collection looked about as labour intensive as a compendium of costumes for an epic film.  The creativity and work involved in creating this collection is awe inspiring.  Hands-down the best collection to come out of Paris Fashion Week so far.

John Galliano FW11


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