HUGO Collection Fall/Winter 2011

With all of the attention on Milan and Paris, it’s easy to miss Berlin Fashion Week.  You wouldn’t want to miss it, especially not HUGO by Hugo Boss.  The FW11 season works for HUGO, after all their signature red is the go-to colour of the season.

Set to the rythmic sound of Ben Klock’s Pulse, the show kicked off as it ended – as clean, simple, and sophisticated as the clothes themselves.  The simple lines and fitted cuts reminded me a bit of the FW11 Bottega Veneta collection (video here) in Milan a week earlier.  Belt-cinched cardigans, vivid red sweaters, a three-buttoned suit (haven’t seen those in a while), eggplant turtlenecks, red shoes, a patent leather jacket, a shearling coat, and a red suit that actually works, were all highlights of the men’s collection.  Opting out of Milanese 70s punch and flamboyance and going for more refined simplicity, may ultimately make good economical sense for the German brand.  The conservative design approach means as a collection that can sell at higher volume and be worn season after season.


*High-res dual angle view of the the show can be seen on this direct link to the Hugo Boss website.


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