Mugler Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

Paris Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with the highly anticipated maiden show of Mugler under stylist-turned-designer, Nicola Formichetti.  The designer teamed up with Lady Gaga, a huge fan of Mugler, who bestowed her musical direction as well as serendipitous publicity upon the show called, Anatomy of Change.  For the launch of his premier collection, Nicola presented a web-only film, which premiered on the Mugler website at 6pm (Paris time) today.  The video features Gaga’s new remixed track from her upcoming album, “Born This Way.”  Does a better exclusive exist?

Although not a complete departure from the house that Thierry built, Nicola’s designs were in fact tamer and clearly unique.  The show featured a healthy mix of tattooed squeegee kids in neoprene, plastic, nylon, and latex contrasted with the more refined looks of traditional runway models.  Some of Nicola’s outfits were excessively baggy, others were see-through, a few were both.  Some however, were curiously as orthodox as Armani.

Mixed in with the theatrics, the dance music, body armour, Pulp Fiction gimp masks, tattoos and loosely draped chiffon hijabs – there were actually some pretty damn impressive pieces.  I’m not talking about the orange pylon or mad scientist costumes, but items such as the funky padded pants (hints of Todd Lynn?) and the brilliantly tailored tuxedos and indigo suits.  The camel belted trench coat, another favourite of mine, as were the sports jackets and overcoats.  Keep up the great work Nicola, but next time, leave the squeegee kids at home.

Mugler FW11

*Click here for Exclusive Mugler/Gaga video
*Click here for Exclusive Mugler Interview


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