Giorgio Armani Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

One of the designers closing out Milan’s Fashion Week was Italy’s beloved son and fashion patriarch, Giorgio Armani.  Of all the collections in Milan this past week, this may arguably be the one with the largest potential customer base in the North American market.  After all, this is what the conservative middle-aged white-collar bankers and executives like to wear.  Simple tailoring, safe monochromes, long classic coats – staples that look good, without drawing too much attention to oneself.

Metallic teals and blues appeared here and there, in a collection dominated by almost every possible shade of grey.  Brightly coloured solid orange, purple, fuscia, and red dress shirts were also thrown in for effect.  The pants were very loose fitting almost like pajamas or sweats, with boxy cut suits reminiscent of 90s tailoring.  Armani followed some Milanese FW11 trends, exhibiting some of my favourite pieces of the collection including a luxurious fur-lined trench coat, suedes, and velvet suits.  Other noteworthy contributions that would have those bankers riding out their mid-life crisis in style, included the Armani sheer turtlenecks, houndstooth print sports jackets, and the timeless quality accessories.

Giorgio Armani FW11


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