Etro Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

“The cow, the friendly cow,” boomed from the speakers as Etro kicked off what may very well have been the coolest collection of this year’s Milan Fashion Week.  Combine rugged masculinity with elegance and a dash of confident machismo and you’ve got Kean Etro’s FW11 uniform for the European alpha-male.

Cowhide belted trench coats and jackets, quilted pants, pthalo blue leather shearlings, and Etro patterned trim cardigans and sweaters in soothing creams and chocolates – now that’s Italia!  With the exception of the all too whimsical cowhide shoes, I would say that there wasn’t a single article of clothing that I did not love.  Purveyors of paisley, Etro explored new designs for FW11, including pattered shirts, sports jackets and suits that dazzle the senses.  Que bella collezione.  Mi piace molto.

Etro FW11


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