Versace Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

If there was to be an antithesis to all of these vivid metallic colours and flamboyant 70s inspired outfits shown in Milan this fashion week, then Versace would be it.  The theme was German New Wave, circa mid-to-late 1980s set to the minimalistic electronic beats of Kraftwerk.  The collection was mainly black , rigid, and fitted with some of the outfits held together by leather utility belts, similar to those seen in the Ermenegildo Zegna collection.

It would be easy to imagine Mr. Anderson dressed in FW11 Versace as he’s being chased down the hallways of the Matrix, or even Dieter as he dances on Sprockets.  The textured and quilted leather coats looked very sophisticated and luxurious, as did the patterned sweaters, and suits.  As the show progressed, the odd punch of camels, bordeaux reds,  and electric blues were a welcomed change in an ominous sea of Versace black.  Although admittedly a little more Dior than Versace, this is an impressive collection and offers an alternative to some of the looks presented by the Italian designers in Milan this past week.

For Versace fashion show video with audio click here.

Versace FW11


4 Responses to Versace Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

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  3. J. K. Abraham says:

    The sweater worn by Robbie Wadge. And the ensemble worn by Jeremy Young. Are they available in the U.S.?

  4. I guess it depends on the buyers. I would check in with your closest Versace store, or department store that carries Versace.

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