DSquared2 Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

The final day at Milan Fashion Week opened with another highly anticipated show by the devious Canadian design twins, Dean and Dan Caten.  Another live stream fashion show from Milan with pre-order accessibility – very nice!  The curtains opened revealing a wintry backdrop, transporting us to an isolated rocky forest in Northern Ontario or Pennsylvania.  The curtain opened to reveal snow covered boulders and barren trees, with shadowy lonely figure sitting on a log stump in front of a wooden shed.

Nirvana’s gritty “Come As You Are,” boomed out of the speakers as geeky Amish S&M butchers came strutting out one after the other.  Dressed in black leather trench coats, aprons, jeans, and thick western riding gloves –  these guys looked like they meant business.  Only I wasn’t sure if they were on their way to butcher some freshly killed venison, or off to a kinky orgy.  Maybe both, I’m not judging.

There were some great pieces in the collection like the crisp white dress shirts, the denim, the chunky knits, a beautiful red velvet bow tie, solo tuxedo jackets, and a fur-collared coat.  Sadly, the Mennonite hats and butcher’s aprons were too much of a distraction for most to pay any attention to this.

DSquared2 FW11

TVN Interview with Dean and Dan Caten talking about their cool, biker, grunge, pioneer look for FW11 below:



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