Prada Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011

Day 2 of Milan Fashion Week and all eyes were on Miuccia’s big show.  The venue resembled the interior of a beautiful split-level Venetian palace.  The historic Italian arched pillars against more contemporary walls and linoleum flooring – very Prada.  So far so good, but then came the music.  The billowing horror of Judas Priest, followed by Motörhead, and then Metallica’s ode to “raping your mother.”*  If the paradox of devil music against a chic venue wasn’t enough to short circuit your senses – the FW11 collection surely would.

Britches, stockings, unflattering baggy zips and sweats with the mega-V prints, the shimmering lounge lizard sweaters, and the diamond patterns?  Was that argyle?  Are the 60s android models sporting bowl cuts?  The leather travel bags were in fact impeccable, but as for the clothing?  Each outfit confused me slightly more than the next.  The FW11 collection left me asking, “Who is this woman and what has she done with Miuccia?”

Prada FW11

*The music in the embedded fashion show video appears to have been changed from the original


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