Apple MacBook Eco: A Greener Shade Of Black

Apple MacBook Eco: A Greener Shade Of Black

MacBook Eco & Nike Piezo Cross Trainers

As we get ready to usher in a new decade, we can’t begin to imagine what technological goodies will be in store for us.  After all, this decade introduced us to revolutionary life-changing inventions such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, HD TV, Blu-Ray, 3D films, etc.  MacLife Magazine has been reporting on Apple‘s plans for 2011-2020, including a new laptop in the works called the MacBook Eco.

Slated for release in 2015, Apple will be looking at a greener shade of black to replace their whites and silvers.  Painted jet black, these will be the greenest laptops to date.  MacBook Ecos will be coated in black solar paint made of nano-sized dye-sensitive cells and titanium oxide that will have the ability to look cool and charge the very laptops they coat.  This paint harnesses up to 40% of the sun’s energy, which is almost twice as effective as traditional photovoltaic solar cells.  Nice, but if you’re stuck in Canada, Scandinavia, and/or trapped behind a dark Matrix-like cubicle for most of your waking hours – solar power quickly loses its allure and viability.

The smart guys at Apple have thought this through, so in addition to solar power, they will also utilize the kinetic energy of your footsteps and your keystrokes to power the MacBook Eco.  Working in collaboration with Nike, they’ve designed Nike Piezo Cross-Trainers which contain piezoelectric pads in the soles that will charge the Eco.  Your footsteps will stimulate an asymmetrical array of crystalline cells to produce an electrostatic potential that will be converted into radio waves and transmitted wirelessly by radiofrequency to charge your laptop.  The same technology will line the bottom of the MacBook Eco keyboard channeling your every keystroke into raw laptop battery charging power.

Sounding all too Star Trek or Star Wars for you?  Look for greener electronics to be huge in the next decade.  Especially once they start pushing more corporate and even personal carbon taxation down our throats.


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