The Spanish Creed: Credo Moda

The Spanish Creed: Credo Moda

CREDO MODA Shirts and Accessories

With stores in Barcelona, Madrid, Palma, and Valencia – six-year-old shirtmaker CREDO chose Yorkville, Toronto’s trendy high-fashion district, to launch their very first North American store.  Fashionistas braved the snow and cold temperatures to find their way over to 114 Cumberland for the launch party.  The trek was definitely worth it, as all received a warm Spanish welcome complete with tapas, exotic cocktails, beautiful models, a fashion show, and a live flamenco performance.

Credo positions itself as a lifestyle brand for people who enjoy quality products, food & wine, culture, fine cars, and traveling.  They produce exceptionally high quality, well crafted, Spanish-made men’s and women’s dress shirts from fabrics imported from Italy.  The attention to detail is remarkable.  The fabric, the stitching, the customized buttons, the fine contrast stitched buttonholes, the elegantly embroidered logo – no shortcuts here.


Credo Toronto Launch Party Photos (Click Here)

Think Canali meets Etro, with a hint of Moods of Norway thrown in for good measure and you’ve got Credo.  Presented as “an attractive and original alternative,” this is definitely not your dad’s dress shirt.  Sporting single, double, or triple stacked collars and asymmetric buttoning system, their shirts are undoubtedly for the guy trying to make a statement.

Anything but an afterthought, Credo’s men’s and women’s accessories are just as impressive.  The suede men’s athletic shoes with the purple lining are one of my favourites.  Rep ties, belts, polo shirts, and wallets are also first-class.  The women’s shoes with matching clutches look very tempting as gift items for that special woman or women in your life.  Men’s shirt prices are in the range of $225-$305, more information can be found at  For Credo event and product photos please visit my Facebook page.


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