LEXON Design: The Collaborative Approach

LEXON Design: The Collaborative Approach

Various LEXON Designs

French based LEXON Design is closing in on 20 years in the design business.  Haven’t heard of them?  Unless you live in Europe or Asia, you probably haven’t seen their retail stores, but likely stumbled upon their nifty little electronic creations in design magazines or at places like West Elm, Bergo Designs, and Rolo.  They do things a little differently at LEXON.  Rather than having all of their work done by a small in-house team, they’ve collaborated with a vast number of European designers, even design students, to create some remarkable stuff.  Some of their collaborations have involved Marc Berthier (Marc has also designed the Carré H Timepiece for Hermès), Jean-Marie Massaud, Patrick Jouin, Matali Crasset, and many others.  In my bathroom I have a bright green, rubberized, analogue, AM/FM LEXON TYKHO designed by Marc Berthier.  It lights up the bathroom and plays descent quality music with surprisingly good reception.  I’ve even knocked it into the tub once.  Took it apart, dried it out – it still worked.

Oddly enough, LEXON’s retail sales account for only 25% of the company’s revenue.  The real business for LEXON is in B2B sales by way of private labeling their creations to large corporations like BMW/Mini Cooper, Audi, Porsche, Peugeot, Vodafone, and CANAL+.  The corporations in turn use their clocks, calculators, pens, radios, watches, rulers, and luggage as conference or trade show giveaways and gifts.

Not resting on their laurels, LEXON has recently introduced a new line of eco-friendly products under their aptly named SAFE Collection, which are designed by Pierre Garner & Elise Berthier.  These products are made from a combination of bamboo, solar cells, and polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA).  PLA is biodegradable plastic-like substance made from renewable resources such as corn and sweet potatoes.  Also eco-friendly, their sleek, sophisticated NEW AIRLINE Collection luggage, folders, work and laptop bags, are 30% lighter and uses Environment Pollution Omitting (EPO) material.  Like what you see?  You can visit LEXON here, or check out some of my favourite LEXON products on my Facebook page.


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