Gucci’s Dolce Vita

Gucci's Dolce Vita

Men's Luxury Timepieces by GUCCI available at BIRKS & MAYORS

Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry teamed up with Canada’s leading jewelry and timepiece retailer Birks & Mayors, to bring their curated exhibition and timepiece collection to Toronto last night.  “La Dolce Vita. 1950-1960: Stars and Celebrities in the Italian Fifties,” was curated by Marco Panella and sponsored by Atrix and Cinecittà Luce.  The exclusive cocktail party was teaming with socialites, media, and of course some of Gucci and Birks’ VIP Gucciphiles.  All, including yours truly, were treated to an impressive pared down version of the original exhibition of vintage photographs showcasing the golden years of Italian cinema, held in Rome at the Mercati di Traiano Museum earlier this fall.

La Dolce Vita Exhibition

La Dolce Vita Exhibition

The exhibition accurately captured the vintage spirit of Gucci’s Timepieces’ Timeless campaign.  Featuring candid black and white photos of celebrities Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, and Gregory Peck, we remember them in their prime, in a carefree world vastly different from today’s.  As an avid Toronto Film Festival goer and all around film lover, the exhibit also tied into Gucci’s philanthropic efforts in its commitment to the preservation of arts through its multi-year partnership and restoration efforts with Martin Scorsese’s, The Film Foundation.  As the French champagne flowed, invitees nibbled on fancy hors d’oeuvres, enjoyed the art, and gawked in awe of the select Gucci timepieces showcased as works of art in their elaborate velvet-lined display cases.

Click Here for Event Photos

Click Here for Event Photos

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that there is one piece of jewelry that every man should own and that’s a quality wristwatch…maybe two.  Driving on over to Birks and taking a closer look at their full collection of Swiss manufactured Gucci Men’s G-Timeless Collection, G-Timeless Automatic Collection, and G-Chrono Collection isn’t a bad place to start.

G-Timeless Collection

G-Timeless Collection

GQ Magazine’s Jim Moore identified the “blacked-out watch” including a Gucci timepiece very similar to the stainless steel PVD coated model featured here, as an essential for the season in his GQ Fall Trend Report 2010.  If blacked-out watches aren’t your thing, the aforementioned lines offer many variations including some versatile classic designs for formal, business, or casual wear.  As with their apparel and accessories, the luxurious high quality and innovative style of the 90-year-old Italian fashion house are evident in their timepieces as well.  Where Gucci’s G-Timeless, G-Timeless Automatic, and G-Chrono Collections really impressed me, Gucci’s foray into their first ever digital timepieces, the I-Gucci Collection – simply blurred the line between want and need.

I-Gucci Special GRAMMY Edition

I-Gucci Special GRAMMY Edition

The I-Gucci Special GRAMMY Edition in particular, with or without the yellow PVD case discreetly set with diamonds, is my Gucci wristwatch of choice.  Designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini, the line is currently available in the US, but scheduled for worldwide distribution in January 2011.  The GRAMMY special edition watch and jewelry collection fuses the best of fashion and music and the result is stunning.  The I-Gucci’s sleek broad-faced digital display flips back and forth between time zones with the touch of a button, revealing jet set airport codes as city identifiers.

As with their film collaboration, Gucci has signed a three-year partnership with the GRAMMY Awards, working together in the preservation and restoration of The Recording Academy’s historically significant moments and recordings of musical heritage.  For a gallery of my top picks from the Gucci Men’s Collection and photos of the event, please visit my Facebook Page.  You can also browse through the Birks Gucci Collection here (CAN / USA).


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