The Cardigan Reinvented

The Cardigan Reinvented

Various Designer Cardigans

Named after James Thomas Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, this zip-up or button-down version of the sweater gained popularity with the French and British in the 17th century and has been keeping us warm and dapper ever since.

Yes, the cardigan has faded in and out of style over the decades.  What’s impressive this season is less the comeback that’s been building up over the past few years and more the evolution or reinvention of the cardigan both in style and the manner in which it is worn.  The cardigan has morphed considerably from what was seen during the days of Fred Rogers or Bing Crosby.  This season, designers have delivered, presenting us with cardigans of unprecedented variety.

Functional avant/après ski chunky knit cardigans that zip or button up to a turtle neck look beautiful, are comfortable, and keep you warm.  Thinner, deep V-neck, neutral-coloured, merino wool varieties in single or double-breasted styles are effortlessly dressed up or down for maximum versatility in the office or relaxing at home.  Contrasting trim and shawl-collared cardigans offer a refined twist to the timeless classic.  Designers are definitely more daring this season, introducing bolder buttons, toggles, fair isle patterns, Cowichan-inspired heavier knits, pronounced pockets, even adding playful hoods and belts to their cardigans to help you stand out.

You can mix and match cardigans with everything from three-piece suits to jeans and a T-shirt.  Few pieces in a man’s wardrobe can offer both the comfort and versatility that a cardigan can.  Tip of the hat to the Earl for that.  Visit my Facebook page for my picks of some of the best cardigans for this season.


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