The CLICLOUNGE Chair and Table by PeLiDesign

The CLICLOUNGE Chair and Table by PeLiDesign

Photo c/o PeLiDesign -

This past week, while visiting INabstracto on Queen Street West in Toronto, I came across thirty-six year old designer Alexander Pelikan’s modernist table and chair.  German born and Dutch educated, Alex made a conscious decision ten years ago to toss out his television set, but hold onto his electronic music collection and devote all of his energy to internationally influenced design work.

A healthy five-year mix of Aphex Twin paired with steady travel appears to have been the right combination to spark his creative genius and subsequently his boutique, PeLiDesign.  One of Alex’s pioneer designs, CLICLOUNGE is based on the minimalist concept of building furniture out of one material.  That material is a very dense HPL material called TRESPA, with a durable top-layer finish typically used on building facades.  So that’s technically two materials, not bad.

CLICLOUNGE has gone on to spawn a complete line of some pretty cool CLICFURNITURE that include rocking chairs, bar stools, and even a wall.  For more information on where to purchase CLICFURNITURE you can fill in an information request form on the PeLiDesign website.  Oh, but before you do, you’ll have to answer their skill testing question.


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