Wear Your Name On Your Sleeve

Wear Your Name On Your Sleeve

Custom Cufflinks by Cuffhim.com

Had Olga Nelson (and computers) been around in the 1920s, I’m sure that the Chicago jewelry designer would have benefited from Chicago’s notorious and flamboyant clientele.  Al Capone’s Tommy gun would have looked that much more threatening, light glistening off a pair of gold diamond-studded cufflinks bearing the initials “AC”, as he confronted his adversaries.

Cuffhim.com’s 3D Computer Aided Design process can render your signature or signed initials into silver or gold cufflinks and have them delivered to your door in less than a month.  All you have to do is submit your hand-written signature by fax, email or uploaded jpg, indicate the number of characters you would like in your links (one/two), select the metal, opt for with or without diamonds, and you’ll be looking like a modern day John Gotti or James Bond in no time.

So now you can tell your tailor to ditch the stitched monogram on your next order of dress shirts.  Prices range from $350-$4,800/pair depending on the level of ‘bling’ requested.  Shipping within the USA is free of charge.


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