The Alternative Watch

The Alternative Watch

Alternative Watches: G-Tone, Tokyoflash, Nixon, 01 The One, and Nooka

The biggest conversation piece in a man’s wardrobe may very well be his wristwatch.  Personally, I don’t wear men’s jewelry, but there is one piece of jewelry every man should own and that is a Swiss Certified Chronometre wristwatch.  That being said, if I were to choose a second piece, it would be the alternative watch.

Significantly more casual and infinitely cheaper than your Breitling or Omega – the alternative watch is an accessory that completes your look, shows personal style, and sets you apart in a crowd.  The design styles and technology to come out of Japan, Scandinavia, the USA, and UK over the past five years are quite impressive.  Alternative watches not only look amazing, but they are offering breakthrough state-of-the-art added functionality such as diabetic glucose level monitors (G-Tone by Sunghoon Mun), mobile phones (LG-GD910), embedded credit cards (Garanti/Mastercard PayPass), and beat counters for DJs (Tokyoflash BPM), to name a few.

New materials and textures such as wood, ceramic, brushed metal, and silicon are finding their way on the alternative watch.  For me, the interpretive displays such as binary and LED are some of the most interesting.  If you have the patience and are good with the math, I would look into getting one of these through design retailers such as Bergo Designs or even online.  In addition to the watches mentioned, a few of the brands worth taking a look at include Tokyoflash out of Japan, Nixon out of California, LEXON out of France, 01 The One out of the UK, and Nooka out of New York City.


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