Socks In The City

Socks In The City

Various Patterned and Coloured Sock

It might sound like an exaggeration, but socks can make or break a man’s outfit.  You’ve worked hard on picking out (and paying for) a beautifully fitted Canali suit, Zegna dress shirt, colourful Hermès tie, pair of Tateossian cuff links and hand-made Paciotti shoes.  Your socks however, are either mismatched, too short, bunched at the bottom, worn out, or heaven forbid – white.

Starting with the basics, you don’t wear white athletic socks with anything but athletic gear.  Not with suits, not with jeans, not even with khakis.  If you’re wearing white pants, try on a pair of white or cream coloured dress socks, or even go sockless for spring/summer.  Now memorize this:  ‘socks match the pants, shoes match the belt‘.

Once you’ve mastered the basics and feel comfortable enough, you can begin to make a statement by experimenting with trendy coloured and patterned socks.  Depending on your personality, you might want to start cautiously by wearing subtle like-coloured patterned or stripped socks with your suit.  The socks would be the same colour but have small hints of colour in say tiny polka dots for example, that match your tie, cuff links, something in your shirt, or even eyeglass frames.

If you’re comfortable with that, you can dive right into bolder complimentary and harmonious colours and patterns like those in the photo above.  Plain or patterned red and yellow socks look great against dark denim.  Pale purples and yellows look beautiful against greys.  Muted baby blues and pinks look fresh against white, and so on.  Just be careful with patterned socks if you’re wearing patterned suits.  A pinstriped suit may not look so good with horizontally striped socks.

If in doubt, look at photos in fashion magazines and the web for ideas.  You can always ask the salesperson at your local menswear store to help you as well.   Let me know how it works out.


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