The Case for the Narrow Plaid Tie

The Case for the Narrow Plaid Tie

Assorted Plaid Narrow Trim Ties

During these tough financial times, fashion houses and retailers have turned to accessories to help boost their sales.  In recent years, we’ve seen a big push towards getting men to start wearing more accessories such as bow ties, pocket squares, coloured socks, vests, and narrow trim ties – especially in the casual setting.

The Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style believes that the tie has become “the new modern accessory,” not only for the youthful hipster but also for the mature gentleman.  One of the biggest menswear shifts of the past few years has been the pairing of the narrow trim tie “one part geek chic and one part sportswear” with cardigans, jean jackets, and biker jackets.  The plaid tie in particular started making an appearance on the runways in 2007 working its way up to the must-have lists of the FW10 season.

We typically hate wearing ties, but why?  The psychoanalysts would probably blame our association of the tie with tense job interviews, sales presentations, private school, and for some the work environment in general.  Perhaps this negative association with the tie has turned guys off it as a casual accessory – but it shouldn’t.  The narrow trim tie makes your outfit look more unique, more polished, more sophisticated, and helps you stand out in a crowd.  Try picking up a few plaid ties (see photo above).  I’ve seen them at Zara and H&M for under $100, and a few for $10.90 at Uniqlo!  Start by picking out a nice plain coloured or white oxford or regular white dress shirt (keep it simple), tie a small four-in-hand knot and pair it up with a skinny suit or blazer, leather biker jacket, or cardigan with a pair of jeans.  Throw on some loafers, lace-up boots, or a pair of Converse All-Stars.  Let me know how it works out.


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