Men’s Fall/Winter 2010 Essentials

Fall/Winter 2010

Men's Fall / Winter Fashion 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to my fashion and design blog.  This blog will be focused on fashion as well as innovative designs for the contemporary man.  I thought I’d launch the site with an inaugural post dedicated to Men’s Essentials for Fall/Winter 2010.  I’ve surveyed quite a few sites and fashion magazines and think that GQ has managed to put together the most comprehensive list of must-haves for the season:

    1. The Three Piece Suit
    2. The Biker Jacket
    3. The Small Lightweight Turtleneck (Polo-neck*)
    4. The Big Chunky Turtleneck
    5. The Plaid Tie
    6. The Odd Vest (Waistcoat*)
    7. The Blue-Collar Plaid Shirt (Casual Patterned Shirt*)
    8. The Military Watch
    9. The Tux Jacket…Solo
    10. Dark Khakis (Chinos*)
    11. Lace-up Boots
    12. The Toggle-Coat (Duffel Coat*)
    13. Camel (The Colour)
    14. Tweed (The Fabric)
    15. The Chunky Scarf
    16. Designer Sweats
    17. The Shadow-Plaid Suit
    18. The Double-Breasted Coat
    19. The Graphic Knit Sweater (Jumpers*)
    20. The Modern Peacoat
    21. The Blacked-Out Watch 


Having lived in London, I feel obligated to reference some of my British fashion sources who would also recommend the cardigan (lightweight and chunky), black slim jeans, ribbed stripped scarf, Fair Isle patterned everything, and brightly coloured socks.  Interestingly enough, went on to post a “What Not To Wear Fall 2010” that challenged GQ’s ‘design sweats’ and warned of such items as drab-coloured sweaters, all-weather wool suits, shapeless coats, pointy boots (were these ever in-style?), citrus scents, and the dreaded light-washed jeans. Pretty tall order on both the wallet and the closet space, but there are ways to do a lot of these items on a budget.  I’ll get into most of these items and discuss options in subsequent posts.


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